Biogen Kenya Director of Research and Development Prof Maina Muniafu talks on Kenya's status on Green Fuel during the 4th Annual Oil and Gas Conference that took place on 27th to 29th April 2015

Biogen Kenya Managing Director Bryan Lukano Piti speaks about the company and its achievements. He also showcased samples of Biodiesel and its various uses. Piti spoke during the 4th Annual Oil and Gas Conference

Biogen Kenya staff during the 4th Annual Oil and Gas Conference that took place on the 27th-29th April 2015

Biogen Kenya is bringing renewable fuels to the market today by producing the highest quality biodiesel available. As the global demand for liquid fuels grows, so does concern about the long-term supply of petroleum and the impact of its use on our security and environment. Conservation, while important, will not be enough to address these issues.
We need new sources of fuels, like biodiesel, that are renewable and sustainable. Biogen Kenya produces biodiesel that exceeds the most stringent fuel quality standards, while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil, reducing emissions and creating jobs and economic opportunity.
We know that renewable fuels alone won't replace 100 percent of the petroleum needed to fuel our world. But our biofuels, used in conjunction with current fuel supplies, increase the global supply of fuel while simultaneously reducing its carbon footprint. We will continue to develop new biofuels through investments in new technologies and advanced biomass conversion processes.
Biogen Kenya is helping to build an entirely new and lasting industry, creating jobs and providing economic benefit and security to our nation's consumers, businesses and communities across the country.

Easy To Use

No vehicle modifications or special fueling equipment — just pump and go.

Power, Performance and Economy

Proven performance and economy make biodiesel a renewable winner.

Emissions & Greenhouse Gas Reduction

With lower exhaust emissions biodiesel is helping to reduce pollution and improve health.

Energy Balance & Security

Biodiesel production and use at home, biodiesel helps reduce the need for foreign oil.

Toxicity, Biodegradability, Safety & Recycling

Less toxic than table salt, biodiesel has minimal environmental impact.

Economic Development

Biodiesel helps communities by keeping energy Shillings at home.

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